Monophase in perfection

Plastering machine for the processing of finished plaster and mortar, as well for floating screed, adhesive mortar and reinforcing mortar.

The 230V product line of Mortecsystem is known for high performance and reliability. Well developed technology, accurate prodution and long term expierence is the basis for this high quality machine. This will not only reduce Your troubles on construction side, but also increase the trade-in-value.

Clear structure and high quality components guaranties a easy handling.

Water and air armature is good protected, the position make it easy for service work.

With integrated tool to
assemble the pump.

The air compressor is very good protected and the tool box offers a lot of space.

The most important
advantages at a glance
  • High quality components
  • Very high flow rates for 230V
  • with integrated insertion tool for pumps
  • Two separate tool boxes
  • With frequency converter

Technical data

Operating voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz
Pump motor: 3 kW - 230 V
Cellular wheel motor: 0,55 kW - 230 V
Compressor: 230 V
Water pump: 230 V - 50 Hz
Capacity: approx. 5-25 lt.imin.

Rudi Stoffner
  • "The high requirements at the construction site are challenging
  • for men and machines and thus demand a great deal of quality."

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